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Engineering Toward Net Zero

Your organisation has piles of net-zero feasibility reports with high-level recommendations. What's next?

You are concerned about gaps between your energy audit recommendations and engineering design. How to mitigate risks?

We specialise in developing complete design and documentation for Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) or carbon emission reduction applications. 

Our Net Zero Engineering Services
  • Electrification, degasification, switch of energy sources
  • Heat pump applications (air-source, water-source, geothermal)
  • Heat recovery (airside, waterside, waste source)
  • Renewable energy systems (solar PV, energy storage, electrical vehicle)
  • Hot water service
  • District cooling & heating
  • Electrical
  • Lighting upgrades for energy efficiency
  • Building automation upgrades for energy efficiency
Our Difference
Technology-agnostic, Cost Effective, Emission KPI Trackable

We validate a project's sustainability key performance indicators (KPIs) and establish design parameters accordingly, ensuring that the designed systems can achieve the anticipated savings.

"PROVEE's understanding of the intricacies of integrating energy efficiency into engineering design is exceptional. They provide insightful solutions that truly make a difference."
Arman, Managing Director, Sustainnovate