PROVEE is a boutique building service and energy consultancy, providing industry-leading engineering services, including assessment, engineering and project management of sustainability applications.


A truly multi-disciplinary approach to energy consulting

We take an integrated approach in developing our solutions, encompassing occupant comfort, efficiency, whole-life costing, and compliance. Our philosophy is straightforward:

  • Precise and Practical
  • Clear Communication
  • Timely Delivery
  • Make it Happen

Lead Consultant

Freeman Jin is the lead consultant at PROVEE. He is an industry-recognized expert with the rare ability to blend his expertise across building, energy, and sustainability. 
With over 20 years of experience in industry-leading organisations, Freeman has successfully led a series of world/nationally prestigious projects spanning consultancy, construction, contracting, and project management.
Freeman possesses a solid mechanical background and hands-on project implementation experience. He practises complex building efficiency retrofits with approachability. He is subject matter expert in HVAC, Energy Audits, Energy Rating, Renewable Energy, EPC Project Management, Carbon Management.