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Energy Assessment Effectiveness

The numbers in your energy audit reports are obscure. The recommended solutions are lack of ground and not seems to work?

Your energy audits are lengthy and lack of communication. Facility operations are interrupted by excessive site inspection request. Is there a better way?



Our energy consulting services are comprehensive, including energy audits, identify improvement opportunities, energy rating, and energy performance review.
We can also focus on the detailed feasibility study of one specific measure such as heat pump, energy storage, waste heat recovery etc.

Our Energy Consulting Services
  • Energy Audit, Water Audit, Waste Audit
  • Renewable Energy Assessment
  • Detailed Feasibility Study (DFS) for selected energy efficiency measures (ECM)
  • Detailed feasibility assessment for degasification or electrification
  • Planning for Net Zero Transformation
  • NABERS Rating
  • BCA Section J
  • CBD (Commercial Building Disclosure), BEEC (Building Energy Efficiency Certificate)
  • Industrial Energy Assessment (energy plant, steam system, compressed air)
Our Difference
Fast, Precise, Ready-to-implement

Our cross-disciplinary knowledge, state-of-the-art assessment techniques, and powerful cost engineering databases enable us to deliver advice and reports of consistently high quality.